It’s worth taking some time to think about feeding you adult cat. A cat’s diet can influence its health. Dry foods can help to control tartar and can contribute to healthier teeth and gums. Certain foods will help to maintain a healthy weight and avoid obesity. More foods contain ingredients that help maintain good bowel function, aid a healthy urinary tract and even provide nutrients that help in medical conditions such as arthritis. Ask your vet at your cats annual check up to suggest a diet that will enhance its every day life.

Cats do not drink much water. They have evolved with kidneys that have a tremendous ability to concentrate there urine. None the less it is a good idea to have a number of water sources for your cats.

They prefer to drink from shallow pans or dripping taps. Often they prefer to drink at a different place from where you feed them as historically a site where food is eaten may have contaminated the water source.

Therefore leave water bowls near where your cat sleeps and relaxes and you will find they will drink a little more. This is important as kidney and lower urinary tract disease is a feature in the healthcare of older cats.

Please Contact Us for further information on feeding your cat. Please see Kitten Healthcare for more information on Nutrition.