Annual vaccinations are vital for your dog. Vaccinations are given to prevent your dog contracting a range of well known and feared infections with various viruses and bacteria that may otherwise prove fatal.

Prevention is better than cure.

Vaccination is the way we stimulate an animals’ immune system to become resistant, or immune, to particular infections. A vaccination consists of part of a modified or killed virus or bacterium.

It is prepared in such a way that the body’s defences recognise it as a threat and react as if it were a real infection by producing antibodies. This process takes time though so the purpose of vaccination is to prepare the immune system so that if ever exposed to the real infection the antibodies are already on hand to start fighting the infection straight away. The body needs to be reminded of its enemies from time to time as antibody levels decrease over time so to keep these antibodies up to a level that will prevent infection we booster this immunity with a booster vaccination annually. It is very important to keep up to date with your pet’s vaccination. Please Contact Us for advice on vaccinations and a health certificate for your pet.

Please see the Puppy Health section for further information and questions on Vaccinations.