Adopting a dog that no one else wants because of age is making an important statement about compassion. Many older dogs come in to shelters because their owners have died or gone in to Nursing Homes. Unfortunately, many apartment buildings do not allow pets and the beloved companions are given to rescue groups. Please Contact Us if you have any queries about adopting an older dog.

Ten good reasons to adopt an older dog

  • Older dogs are housetrained.
  • Older dogs do not chew your shoes and furniture.
  • Older dogs are calm and settle in easily.
  • Older dogs are good at giving love once they get into their new home.
  • Older dogs are instant companions.
  • Older dogs are relaxed and leave you time for yourself.
  • Older dogs have developed their personality and you can see what kind of dog you are getting.
  • Older dogs let you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Older dogs enjoy living quietly and being petted.
  • Older dogs are very grateful for a second chance.